Bishwo Gautam

Bishwo Gautam(BG) is a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, progressive ideals and a seductive, and often minimal, aesthetic. We seek to thrill and inspire our audience while using provocative imagery and striking designs to ignite the senses. BG, a high-end boutique design company working with an exclusive clientele list. Getting his roots and inspiration from the rich history of haute couture, BG has been working with the big names in the film and music video industry,including celeberities and the Miss Nepal World, who proudly wears BG in the international arena. 

The company established officially in 2007 by Bishwo Gautam.The journey that started in 2007, defines many breakthrough like being a pioneer in the Nepali clothing industry. BG has become much more than a destination for timeless haute couture. In just a year the designer label has been identified for redefining Nepal: textiles, empowering regional craftmen, styling celeberities and harmonizing traditional silhouttes seamlessly with contemporary luxury.

With a history going back over since 2007, Bishwo Gautam  established his company with his single effort with 5 machines and & 7 employee in the area of 500sq.ft at the small corner of Kathmandu valley in 2007. As he was productive, delligent and workaholic person, he expand his company 100 times greater with 500 machines and 700 employee in the year of 2010. Initially they used to work as a fabricator but slowly they started getting orders by its own. Then he become successful man because of his continuty of the best performance of in his company, also become the example as a good designer among the Nepali designer. His company was rewarded yearly to encourage his creativity in the designing field till 2015. He expands his product in the international market from Europe to America. In 2016, The owner (Mr.Bishwo Gautam) move towards the USA for the further graduation to upgrade his company in the international market with more additional features of his product to make them the best nepali products. 

Following his graduation from one of the country's most prominent fashion institutes. Gautam took the first strides awards realising his dream of becoming a leading fashion designer by conducting first solo show. That soon followed was the company, emanating from Gautam to give his designs an identify.

The company was focused to manufacture world-class products of outstanding quality that give our customers a competitive advantage through superior products and value, so we can make every customer smile to upgrade our business in international market with positive feedbacks.

The Company executes their mission by manufacturing products comparable to International standards, to be customer-focused and globally competitive through better quality with comfortable designs to accomplished customer satisfaction.