Bishwo Gautam

Bishwo Gautam became the first fashion designer in Nepal to have his own solo show in 2011. Born in Shillong, India, to a family of Business background people, Gautam was a Commerce student, whose proclivity lied in the creative fields. It was that proclivity that took him to enroll in Namuna College of Fashion Technology (affiliated with Purbanchal University).

Unlike his peers, Gautam had already begun working as a designer while in his second semester. And when his friends began their internship after graduation, he was already working full time as a lead designer in a major fashion house in Nepal, maintaining his ever hectic lifestyle of a man determined to make his mark on the world.

As a self-made man, Gautam quickly saw the importance of being an entrepreneur as much as being a designer. So after a few years out of college, backed by seven years of experience, Gautam had his start with his line, Designer Collection, in 2006, a major clothing company built to cater to international clients, from Europe to America.

While he had many shows before, it was only in 2011 that he stepped up to create his brand. A mix of haute couture, contemporary chic, and a homegrown sensibility, his solo show in 2011, Lead of Fusion, at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, became a star-studded event that celebrated his designs, clothes handwoven from Viscose, Satin, chiffon, and Rib, to name a few. In the show, there were seven sequences, the most intriguing of which was a journey through fashion history, encapsulating styles from the past to the modern.

As a designer, he seeks to be a trailblazer in the bourgeoning industry by making sure his designs are on par with international levels. He seeks to inspire and be inspired by others. Sometimes in his search for the beautiful, a small detail, like a well-designed watch is enough to help him conceptualize an entire collection.